Pet Safety!
Most pets are typically thought to be the endearing addition to the family and as such are rarely thought of as being one of the major culprits concerning carpet contamination. However, even if your pet is considered another child, they can cause nearly 80% of the filth and grime that is tracked into your house and onto your carpets. As loved as they are, that fact is, their grooming and hygiene efforts significantly fail in comparison to humans. That is why it is especially important to have green carpet cleaning regularly if you have pets. Not only can pets track in all types of dirt and debris from outside, many rummage through trash, find deceased smaller animals and sometimes eat things they shouldn't. All of these situations lead to carpet contamination which in turn leads to health risks. Especially when it comes to younger children who are prone to touch the carpet and later put their fingers in their mouths or eat using their hands.

The health of pets is also a concern since they are part of the family. Pets require a safe chemical-free environment as well as humans that is why our professional carpet cleaning services use green natural hot water steam extraction for carpet cleaning. We have non-toxic pet and family safe natural cleaning solutions that are both great for carpet cleaning and are gentle on your family.

If you have pets, more likely than not you have had a few or more accidents occur on your carpets. Urine or worse can cause not only foul smelling carpets, but they are unsanitary and need proper green carpet cleaning to return them to a safe standard. With our eco-friendly carpet stain removers and deodorizers not only will your carpet look and smell fresh it will be sanitary. This will help your health, your loved one's health, and your precious pet’s health.

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